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Current trends are expected to increase during the next five years, as an aging population and rising health insurance coverage drive demand for primary care doctors. As a result, industry revenue is expected to increase at 5.7% to $326.9 billion during the next five years.

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  • Access to highly skilled workforce
  • Understanding government policies and their implications
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Business Insurance for Medical Offices

Your medical office dedicates each day to helping people when they need it most. Your patients trust your expertise and skills to make decisions with their best interest in mind. Continue to give your patients the care they deserve and help protect your practice with quality business insurance from Allstate.

As agents specializing in medical offices, we’re here for you

As a small business owner myself, I have firsthand knowledge and experience on the various challenges that you face. I recognized that medical offices have unique risks and have different coverage needs. My agency strives to deliver the highest and most sincere level of service—it’s how we do business.

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There is a fire and your building and business property are destroyed.

Building/Personal Property provides coverage for your building and/or your business personal property up to the limits you select.

A pipe bursts and leaks all over a filing cabinet containing your critical documents. Many are damaged and others completely destroyed.

Valuable Papers And Records covers you for damage or destruction of important documents used in your business.

You get an e-mail from a trusted patient. You open it, unaware that it contains a virus.

Electronic Data provides coverage for repairing and restoring data due to harmful code that damages or destroys any part of the computer system.

There is a fire and your billing records are destroyed. This makes it difficult for you to collect payments from customers.

Accounts Receivable Protection covers the increased cost of collecting payments and the cost to re-establish the records of accounts receivable.

You maintain a significant amount of your patients’ confidential personal and financial data. That information is lost or stolen.

Data Compromise* provides case management, legal support, credit monitoring and legally required notifications.

You are sued because somebody visiting your office trips on the carpet, falls and files an injury lawsuit.

General Liability Protection provides coverage for injury to others at your premises and helps protect you from lawsuits brought against you.

*Optional coverage
The situations listed above are examples of typical coverages and are not intended to convey coverage relating to any specific loss or event. All claims for coverage are subject to applicable state and territory laws, policy terms, conditions and exclusions.


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Lindsey Rykman

Lindsey Rykman

Agency Owner

We will focus on your business with a dedicated staff member. We will also make sure that we continuously monitor your business to make sure your needs are met.

  • Allstate Agent for 3 Years
  • Top Commercial Producer
  • Territory Leader
Christina L

Christina L

Commercial Licensed Sales Producer
  • 5 Years of Industry Experience
  • Commercial Specialist


"Rykman Agency is amazing and helped me with all my business insurance requests. I even got an accident policy."


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